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    Відкритий лист УКРАЇНСЬКОГО ЦЕНТРУ ПОРОЗУМІННЯ до всіх, хто прагне миру та злагоди в Україні…

    An Open Letter from The Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground
    An Open Letter from The Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground TO ALL PEOPLE CONCERNED ABOUT PEACE AND STABILITY IN UKRAINE

         More than ten days have already passed since political crisis erupted in Ukraine. For ten days citizens have been demonstrating to the world the non-violent assertion of their right to free elections, honest government, and democracy. This is unprecedented in Ukraine. Ukrainians should be proud that all sides in this dispute, including their leaders, successfully have refrained from violent or otherwise aggressive ways of resolving the situation. The acute confrontation of power in such a tense and fluid situation could have lead to other much less desirable outcomes.
         The negotiations between Ukraine's political leaders at the Mariinskiy Palace in Kiev have demonstrated the wisdom of taking a reasonable approach to resolving the crisis. It is very fortunate that participants in the negotiations were ready to compromise for the sake of peace and stability in Ukraine.
         Regrettably, some TV and radio programmes are still calling for the country's division. Such broadcasts only deepen antagonisms and contribute to fuelling rather than resolving the conflict. Unfortunately some people are interested in reframing the current situation from a struggle of all Ukrainians for their democratic rights and freedoms to a confrontation between East and West in the country. This policy needlessly relies on negative stereotypes, exploits natural differences, and deepens rifts in the country. Sadly there have been too many instances when such efforts have transformed political and economic differences into conflicts between groups of people based on ethnicity, religion, or simply the region where they live.
         We should learn from developments in former Yugoslavia, the Middle East and elsewhere: the fragmentation of society and repeated cycle of violence and counter-violence should not be allowed to happen in Ukraine!
         Ukrainians want to live in a peaceful democratic state ruled by law and fairness!
         The Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground appeals to Ukraine's political leaders:
         Remember that we all have our future in common. Be consistent in the implementation of any reached agreement! We call for common sense and decency in deciding the future of all Ukrainians. We call for the peaceful coexistence of all political and social groups no matter their ethnic, religious or geographical differences!
         The Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground appeals to Ukraine's mass media:
         Remember your responsibility to everyone in the country. It is your professional duty to provide objective, honest and credible information. We call on the mass media to play a constructive role in the resolution of the current situation. The media need to remember that by supporting and spreading irresponsible information and provocative appeals not only are they acting in haste but they are succumbing to momentary political and authoritative interests that threaten the future of the country and its people.
         The Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground appeals to all people of Ukraine:
         Remain tolerant! Resist negative stereotypes! Demonstrate common sense!
         Together we can preserve peace and stability at home!

    December 2, 2004
    Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground
    Tel: (+38 044) 537 10 07
    Tel/fax: (+38 044) 290 39 18
    e-mail: uccg @ uccg.org.ua

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